Each hero has at least three skills that could be used in battle. There are three types of skills: basic, special, and passive.

Basic Skills

Each character has a basic ability which has no cooldown and can be used at any given time, unless that move has been specifically locked by another ability. Basic attacks also have the ability to trigger Class Marks.

Special Skills

These abilities are the core of each hero and determine what class the character belongs to. These abilities, once performed, go on cooldown, some being able to be cast a second time in the timeframe of a single battle.
These abilities range from: Heals, taunts, physical attacks, ranged attacks, magical attacks, buffs/debuffs, evasion increases/ decreases, and much more.    

Passive Skills

Passive skills are permanent and do not need to be activated.
Example: Kobold Soothsayer’s passive skill ‘Fear the Soothsayer’ gives all Kobolds in her squad a +15% boost to all stats.