Rules of a weekly Tournament

Each Friday, the weekly Tournament is launched for 48 hours for all the AoM players who reached 30th player level. During this event, you should fight against other players. However, battles differ from the ones held on Arena.

In this guide, you can find answers to your questions and recommendations that will help you to win!

  • Each player has 25 fights available in each tournament.
  • Each opponent in the Tournament can only be attacked once from now on. Choose wisely!
  • You can heal and resurrect you Heroes in the Tournament using Tournament Healing Kits, or in exchange for gold. This can be done no more than 30 times per Tournament. Healing/resurrection cost starts with 20 Healing Kits and will increase by 20 each time you will heal/resurrect a certain Hero.
  • Tournament Healing Kits can be obtained free of charge by completing the Gladiator daily quest. 
  • Unused Tournament Healing Kits are stored until the next Tournament.
  • The player’s defensive squad in the Tournament is the same as Arena defense team and it doesn't change during the Tournament.
  • If you gain victory with the help of a certain Hero for the first time during the current Tournament, the Hero will be considered bonus and bring you additional 10% points for victory (bonus of several Bonus Heroes sum up). In a case of a failure, Heroes do not lose their status.
  • A player does not lose points for their Heroes' loss. A player receives ranking points equal to the power of the defeated Heroes, no matter if they win or lose.
  • In the Stages tab, a player completes accumulative tasks (similarly to the Raids' stages). Stages' progress is updated each Tournament.


There is a reward for any position in the Tournament, but you need to score at least one Tournament Point to claim a reward.
Rewards in the Tournament now depend on the total strength of the Heroes of the five strongest players. For most high-level players, the rewards are now higher.
A player receives rewards for the ranking position and for reached Stages. 
IMPORTANT: after Tourment's end, the rewards for the passed stages disappear. To receive them, you should collect them before Tournament ends.