Rules of a weekly Tournament

The list of participants of the Tournament is formed one day before its start. To take part in the Tournament, you need to get player level 30 a day before Tournament starts, and also make at least one attack on the Arena no later than a day before the start of the Tournament.
If you participated in the previous Тournament, it is not necessary to make an attack on the Arena 24 hours before the Tournament.

  • Each player has 40 fights available in each tournament.
  • Each opponent in the Tournament can only be attacked once from now on. Choose wisely!
  • You can heal and resurrect you Heroes in the Tournament using Tournament Healing Kits, or in exchange for gold. This can be done up to 20 times per tournament.
  • Tournament Healing Kits can be obtained free of charge by completing the Gladiator daily quest. These will be enough for 20 treatments and resurrections.
  • Unused Tournament Healing Kits are stored until the next Tournament.
  • The player’s defensive squad in the Tournament is the same as Arena defense team and it doesn't change during the Tournament.


There is a reward for any position in the Tournament, but you need to score at least one Tournament Point to claim a reward.
Rewards in the Tournament now depend on the total strength of the Heroes of the five strongest players. For most high-level players, the rewards are now higher.