Tomb of Horrors is the game mode where players can get chests with Diamonds and other rewards.

Tomb of Horrors is an extremely dangerous place — ancient magic prevents heroes from resurrection and restoring skill cooldowns between battles in this legendary dungeon.
Player's heroes can only restore some health between battles.

Note: enemy heroes don't restore their health and skill cooldowns between battles!

Players can use all of their heroes to pass the Tomb of Horrors if their other heroes died in battle.
Tomb of Horrors can be restarted each 24 hours.

Matched enemy squads

Tomb of Horrors matches difficulty according to player's Squad Power.
Tomb of Horror gives first three missions of a certain difficulty when player starts to pass it for the first time. The difficulty of missions depends on the maximum Squad Power — strength of the player's five most powerful heroes.

Once player completes the first three missions, Tomb of Horrors generates new three missions with a new difficulty, depending on the player's new maximum Squad Power.


Tomb of Horrors generates rewards and chests according to player's Squad Power.
The more the player's Squad Power, the more Diamonds and other rewards can be obtained for completing the Tomb of Horrors.
Diamonds can be spent in the Tomb of Horrors Market.