How to use?
The first thing about using a mark is having a character on your team who can apply a mark.
Each character is built with between three to five abilities and whether these abilities are attacks, heals, buffs, or even debuffs, they can trigger or apply specific marks. To better explain this, let's use Arekhon Spear and Rogar to show you how marks are applied and triggered.
On the picture above, you can see Rogar’s ability Bastion of Faith has a small Sword Icon above it, this indicates that when the ability is cast it will apply the Melee Damager Class Mark, this ability specifically applies the mark to all enemies as well.
After casting the ability Bastion of Faith you will see that all enemies now have the same sword icon next to their health bars, this indicates that they are now branded with the Melee Damager Class Mark. If the branded characters are hit by a move that doesn’t specifically say that it can trigger the mark then the mark will break and have no bonus effect. You will see that it is now Rok’s turn to use an ability and this is a perfect display as Rok has two AoE moves, if we were to cast one of these abilities, then all Melee Damager Class Marks will break as these abilities do not have the capacity to trigger this certain mark.
As we move to Arekhon Spear’s turn, you will notice the Sword Icon has reappeared and in now flashing as well as the icons flashing next to the enemy’s health bars. This means that either of these abilities can trigger the Melee Damager Class Mark causing Arekhon Spear’s ability to also carry a bonus effect.