Class Marks.

Melee Damager Class Mark – This mark is triggered be the next melee attack. This mark, when triggered, decreases the opponent’s amour by 20% and increase light damage against the target by 10% for one turn.

Range Damager Class Mark – This mark is triggered by the next range attack. When the character is attacked by a ranged attacker, the mark is triggered, stopping the opponents chance to dodge the attack. It is important to note that range attacks are different to magic attacks and a magic attack used against someone with the Range Damager Class Mark will break the mark and not trigger it.

Caster Class Mark – This mark is triggered by a magic ability. When this mark is triggered by a caster’s ability, that move will have a 100% critical damage chance. Here is an example of this mark being used to its full potential. The characters you will need for this are the Scaly Wyrm Priest and the Legendary Racoon Mage Rok. Start by using the Wyrm Priest’s ability The Wyrm which forces the spirt of a great wyrm to attack all enemies, leaving them branded with the Caster Class Mark. Follow this with any one of two of Rok’s abilities Fire Ball or Frozen Prison, both abilities cause massive AoE damage and with the Caster Class Mark applies the abilities will critically strike all enemies!

Healer Class Mark – This mark is triggered by an attack made by a healer. The allows said attack to double strike.

Rogue Class Mark – The mark is slightly difficult to trigger for it requires you to first mark the target, then to resurrect a character who identifies as a rogue, then have that resurrected character attack the opponent whom is branded with the Rogue Class Mark, this will trigger the mark causing double damage to the enemy.

Tank Class Mark – This mark is triggered from the attack of a tank. When triggered, the tank attacking the branded enemy will heal of 10% of their maximum health.

Faction Marks.

Faction Marks are very different from Class Marks and work in a very unique way.
A Faction Mark can be applied by certain characters and that mark can then be triggered by someone of the same faction, though each character is different in the way they trigger their faction mark.

For simplicity, let's use Kobold faction to explain how Faction Marks work.

Kobolock can apply the Kobold Faction Mark to all enemies with his ability Drink Poison! This is the first step! The second step is triggering the Faction Mark. I will use the Kobold Slinger and Spear Kobold for the next part of this example. If the Kobold Slinger were to trigger the Faction Mark with one of his abilities that states can trigger the mark, then that opponent will skip their next turn. If the Spear Kobold triggers the mark with an ability that states can trigger the Kobold Faction Mark, then the Spear Kobold’s attack will have a 100% critical strike rate.

Each character for each faction may trigger the mark in their own way, but note that not all characters have the ability to trigger their own mark! Faction Marks are up to you, as a player, to read up on and decide the best way to apply and trigger the marks.