The Age of Magic chat is governed by rules monitored and enforced by Moderators.
Rule violations are punishable by various means, from warnings to banning at Moderators' discretion.
The following is a list of actions Moderators can ban players for if observed.

Chat ban for 1 hour:
-Flooding (repeated meaningless messages)
-Spamming, including messages on recruiting/joining a clan/alliance from the said clan/alliance more often than once every 15 minutes, etc.
-Off-top (publication of messages which are not related to the general direction of the game community, in particular, messages on political, religious, and ethno-national topics)
-Overuse of Caps Lock button

Chat ban for 1 day:
- Offensive/insulting conduct, vulgar language (including surreptitiously)
- Encouraging conflicts between chat participants
- Creating vulgar or insulting user or clan names
- Harassment
- Ignoring or publicly discussing Moderator demands
- Posting ad content not related to the game

Chat ban for 1 week or month:
- Provocative messages (Messages containing provocation or discussion of political, religious, ethnic, racial, gender issues and differences). Publication of materials that contradict the law, names and references to banned organizations.
Note: Ban is issued without warning for a period of 1 month.
- Repeat violations
- Ignoring Moderator warnings
- Selling, or attempt to sell/ buy / pass game account

Chat ban for 1 year/forever:
- Discussing methods and ways of hacking the game
- Posting content in violation of the law
- Multiple repeat violations (at the discretion of Moderators / Support Team).

In any cases not provided for by these rules, the Moderators reserve the right to ban on a case-by-case basis. The Admins reserve the right to delete any messages in violation of these rules.
Note: By default all the players are distributed into chat rooms according to the language set in the profile. As an example, if you choose English as the interface language communication in the game chat is also supposed to be held in English.
If the player’s native language is not supported in the game he is allowed to public messages in the game chat in a foreign language (the language he speaks). Note that such messages may be uncomprehendable for most of chat participants.
We expect all players to keep polite in such situations and avoid any conflicts.
Please, be reminded that encouraging conflicts between chat participants or messages on political, religious, and ethno-national topics violate the code of conduct and results in chat ban.