Hi all! My name is Katya, I'm working on an updated expedition in a team of game designers. 

First, I want to thank you for the constructive feedback you share with us. We carefully study and discuss them so that SuperCity becomes better and makes you happy.

Now let's talk about expeditions.

Expeditions are beautiful and exciting events that we put a lot of effort into: we work on the story, come up with rewards, and try to make the gameplay fun.

We started experimenting with the expedition time as well as other parameters. Some changes you liked, others caused questions and dissatisfaction.

For example, we've seen complaints about high quest requirements and the difficulty of completing expeditions.

We decided to change this: we reduced the total amount of energy required to receive rewards during the Mountain Vacation event. Now you can get more rewards during the event. We've also brought back an optional quest for those who don't want to end their expedition after completing the main quest chain, which now requires less energy. Continue clearing obstacles until the end of the expedition to receive an additional reward - the Northern Spa Centre.

But that's not all! We have added additional energy sources. Now you can find rose bushes and energy chests on the map. Bushes bring you energy when you click on them. However, energy chests require a golden saw. You can get it from a helicopter. If you have completed the Hike in the Wildlife Reserve expedition, you are familiar with the mechanics. If not, please read the description in our Help Centre.

IMPORTANT! During the release, we discovered a critical bug that prevents players who completed Hike in the Wildlife Reserve from completing helicopter missions. These players will not be able to get golden saws to open chests. We are working on a fix for this bug. In order not to spoil the impression of the players from the changes, we decided to give out 5 golden saws as a gift to all players.

We believe that you will like the changes and give more positive emotions from the passage of the expedition.