Here you can find some useful tips on how to progress in Supercity.

You may find this guide useful, if you are:

📌just starting out and are below level 200
📌above level 200 but don’t have many buildings and superbucks

First and foremost: Friends

Supercity is a game meant to be played with friends. Their help is essential.
Friends provide items that are necessary in some quests and speed up the buildings, helping you complete the quests on time.

How to find new friends in the game?
Click on the Find friends icon in the bottom left corner of the game and then go to the Find friends tab.

There you can find a list of suggested friends of approximately your level. Click on the "Add" button to send your friendship request to them. This list is updated every 15 minutes.
More about finding and adding new friends here:

You can also find new friends on our Facebook community page:
Check out our "Add me" board, where you can leave your request for friends or look through the requests left by other players and add them.

And finally, you can find new friends in the dedicated Facebook groups:

Mostly English speaking groups:

French Groups:

German Speaking group:

Italian group:



Country clubs

We also strongly recommend entering one of the Country clubs!
Being in a club allows you to ask other players for useful items and, as a result, progress in the quests faster.

You will also be able to take part in different club tournaments and acquire valuable prizes, such as new buildings and cups that drop seasonal currency and superbucks!

You can find out more about the clubs here: Country clubs

To-do list quests

Completing all the quests in your to-do list on the left allow you to open up all the lands and obtain many important buildings.

Once you have everything done on your To-Do list, then the NEW quests on the right side of the screen will become much easier for you.

Super Events

We often notice that even some high level players do not have all Super Events completed.

We strongly suggest unlocking all regions and completing the Super Events for those regions. Not only will you have more space for placing your buildings, but you will also need to have these Super Event buildings ready for future quests

➡️Please note that if a Super Event building is available for your level, you will get tasks with that building in the new quests. Example: if the Oceanarium is available for your level and it is not completed, you will still receive tasks that require having it.

Seasonal gifts

Don't forget to open your seasonal gift everyday by clicking on a "+" button near the superbucks icon:

and then clicking on "Receive" button under the seasonal gift:

Seasonal gifts contain useful items and even free superbucks!

Free resources in the events

Do not forget to collect and use free shovels, fortune wheel's tokens, fruit boxes, etc. regularly if the event offers them!
For example, during Treasure hunt you can obtain 1 free shovel every 8 hours:

Using free shovels and fortune tokens allow you to win valuable resources, such as seasonal currency and superbucks, for free in different events!

How to get free superbucks 💸

There are several ways of getting free superbucks in the game:
  • You get superbucks for each level you reach. Complete quests and collect profits from buildings to accumulate experience points. Once you have enough of them, your level will increase.

  • You can get free superbucks as a 5th-day bonus if you log into the game for 5 days in a row.

  • Certain buildings, like Casino, Astrologer's Home and Mayor's Residence, produce superbucks.

  • You can get a Casino by collecting four chips in the daily bonus: on the 5th day, you may opt to get one chip instead of the free superbucks. You will be losing on immediate profit, but Casino is a long-term investment, as it gives 1 superbuck every 3 days (more often if your friends help you). You can have up to 7 Casinos in your city.

    See here for more information about casinos: How to get a casino

  • The Astrologer's Home can be placed in your city only if you make any in-app purchase first.

  • Mayor's Residence randomly drops 1 superbuck when not upgraded and 2 when upgraded. Changing its color does not affect the drop rate.

  • Certain timed game events will have superbucks as prizes. Don't miss an event by following our Facebook Fan Page. We also organize contests in which you have the possibility to win superbucks!

Seasonal currency:

You can always find the current list of the buildings that drop seasonal currency here, you can also find this list in the game:
Seasonal currency can be purchased with money, won in mini-games and events or dropped by certain special buildings.

Every year and every season the list of the buildings that drop the seasonal currency changes. If you don't have many buildings that drop seasonal currency at the beginning of the season, do not worry, as new buildings are added throughout each season.

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