Mayors, we often hear you struggle with our quests.
That there is not enough time for completing tasks and getting the rewards.
That you do not have enough superbucks to buy the necessary businesses.
That you do not have enough seasonal currency to open chests.
That you are too low level for the current quest you are participating in.

If you find yourself in any of the above situations🔼, please continue reading this tutorial.

📌This tutorial is meant for low-level players especially, but we recommend all players to have a look, perhaps they will find something of use to them.

📌If you are just starting out and are below level 200, please read this!
📌If you are above level 200 but don’t have a great variety of buildings, not all 7 casinos and very few friends, also read this!

NOTE: Please read this with an open mind and don’t be quick to dismiss the tips presented here. These are real game tips that will greatly improve your SuperCity experience if you follow them.

We want you to succeed in SuperCity, have a good time with your friends and enjoy this game for a long time. However, for all this, it is necessary to learn the correct game play.

First and foremost: Friends

Supercity is a game meant to be played with friends. Their help is essential. The more they help you with speed ups, the faster you can complete tasks. In fact, the time for our tasks is calculated including a number of speed-ups from neighbors.

You can find new friends in our community, please write your name on our "Add me" board

There are lots of active players who are in search of new friends to play with. It is necessary to add them to your Facebook friends list first. ℹ️However, if you want to keep your personal posts private, you can add them as "acquaintances" and set your personal posts to "friends except acquaintances".

Still, if you feel these boards are too general, you can choose to enter a group of players. We recommend this as they can help you with game advice and also provide you with valuable speed-ups.

We recommend the following groups: Simply click on the name and it will take you to their group.

Mostly English speaking groups:

French Groups:

German Speaking group:



To-do list quests

The new quests will be very hard for you if you don't have everything on the to-do list finished. The To-Do list is a very important part of the game. It is the "Building Blocksof the city, meaning that it has you do all the quests that open up all lands, and the quests in them, it has you build the important buildings that make your city. Every season the quests will change lands and will be based on those lands, so if you don't have all lands open and the quests in them done, it will be hard for you.

We feel that once you have the To-Do list finished, then by that time, you would have saved enough of the superbucks and you would have bought the buildings that cost superbucks that these quests require. By the time you have gotten the To-Do list done, you should have been able to buy many of multiples of the buildings that cost coins as well.

Once you have everything done on your To-Do list, then the NEW quests on the right side of the screen will be so much easier and obtainable. Don't worry about the new quests on the right, if you can't do them now, most do repeat at some point and will be added to the Super Stories quest list, so you will have a chance to do them when and if they are offered again. 

Super Events

We often notice that even some players who are a high level do not have all Super Events completed. Some players say they only want to play in the city center and are not interested in opening up "other lands". However, the game is designed as a whole, it functions as a whole and you are missing out so much if you ignore other regions of the map in favor of the city center! 

So we strongly suggest opening up all regions and completing the Super Events for those regions. Not only will you have more space, but you will also need to have these Super Event buildings ready for future quests.

 ➡️Please note that if a Super Event building is available for your level, you will get tasks with that building in the new quests. Example: if the Oceanarium is available for your level and it is not completed, you will still receive tasks with it. 

The aim, after all, is to have a well-developed city and completing the basic quests and Super Events are an important part of this.

How to get free superbucks 💸

There are several ways of getting free superbucks in the game:
  • You get superbucks for each level you reach. Complete quests and collect profits from buildings to accumulate experience points. Once you have enough of them, your level will increase.
  • You can get free superbucks as a 5th-day bonus if you log into the game for 5 days in a row.
  • Certain buildings, like Casino, Astrologer's Home and Mayor's Residence, produce superbucks.
  • You can get a Casino by collecting four chips in the daily bonus: on the 5th day, you may opt to get one chip instead of the free superbucks. You will be losing on immediate profit, but Casino is a long-term investment, as it gives 1 superbuck every 3 days (more often if your friends help you). You can have up to 7 Casinos in your city.

  • The Astrologer's Home can be placed in your city only if you make any in-app purchase first.
  • Mayor's Residence gives 1 superbuck when not upgraded, 2 when upgraded, but in a random manner. Changing its color does not affect the drop.
  • Certain timed game events will have superbucks as prizes. Don't miss an event by following our Facebook Fan Page. We also organize contests in which you have the possibility to win superbucks 

☝In the above list, we underlined the information about the casinos because many new players choose the 7 superbucks instead of working to get all 7 casinos, which are much more profitable in the long term. If your friends speed them up, you can get quite a considerable number of superbucks that you can use to skip harder tasks or buy the businesses you need.

Note: Please note that there are several scam communities on Facebook, who take advantage of the Supercity name. Our only official page is:

If you come across a page, which promises you thousands of seasonal currency/superbucks for filling in a survey, please do not fall for it! It is a scam and you will be asked for your credit card number.

If you want to help us get rid of these fake pages, please report them to Facebook.

Seasonal currency:
You can always find the current list in the help center here, you can also see in your game what buildings you have that drop the seasonal currency:
Seasonal currency can be purchased with money, won in mini-games and events or dropped by certain special buildings.

If you had lots of season value just at the beginning of a season, there would be not enough things at all to spend them on and every season you would get more and more season value, just overstocking it.

We warn about the exchange rate every time, and that's why it's called season value: because it's valued only during that season. The warning is in the game itself, as well as the fan page so players have plenty of time to make the decision what they want to do with them.

There is no reason to take lots of seasonal currency to the next season because there isn't much at that beginning of a season in the shop to purchase with the currency and we give plenty of quests for buildings that drop the seasonal currency during the season as well as have sales for buildings that also drop seasonal currency.
Do not worry! Every year and every season change the buildings that give the seasonal currency will change also. Don't worry if you don't have any buildings right now, there will be lots more added as the season goes on as each season is 3 months long!

Just because they aren't used the next season doesn't mean they won't ever be used again. Maybe something that was used in a different season may give out something for this season? You just never know. This is our way of keeping the game fresh

The buildings will still give energy and coins even though they no longer drop seasonal currency.
Where can I find more information?
This tutorial is not everything you need to know about Supercity. We simply wanted to draw attention to the most common mistakes we saw players and especially new players make.

Our official sources of information are:

The Help center:
The Facebook page: